Prairie Tales is an annual touring collection of short films and videos made by Albertan artists.

For 17 years, Prairie Tales has offered a selection of some of the year’s best short films and videos made by Alberta media artists in a feature-length compilation.This anthology showcased work from the shining lights of the Alberta media arts scene and screened across Alberta.

Prairie Tales on Hiatus

At the direction of the board, AMAAS put Prairie Tales on hiatus for 2016 to refocus our programming goals as part of our ongoing strategic planning. As a Provincial Arts Service Organization we have limited resources and need to explore how our programming can best serve our members and the media art community.

AMAAS will continue to support programming of films by Alberta filmmakers although it may not be though the Prairie Tales legacy. AMAAS is working to ensure that our programming is presented in ways that make efficient organizational sense and have the greatest impact on the media arts and cultural scene in Alberta.


AMAAS exists to advocate, educate, and celebrate the media arts in Alberta.


The media arts in Alberta is advanced through the generation of awareness, strengthening of connections, and continuous advocacy. AMAAS builds a sustainable and vibrant future for media arts in Alberta.

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