The Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society (AMAAS) is a not-for-profit society which exists to promote, support, educate and advocate for Alberta media arts and to foster the common objectives of Alberta’s media arts organizations and artists. Media arts are defined as: independent, artist initiated and controlled use of film, video, new media, audio art, and related media.

Recognizing the media arts’ vital role in the cultural fabric of the province of Alberta, AMAAS provides a forum for dialogue between media arts centres, creating synergies and enhancing the abilities of the centres, their memberships, and independently practicing media artists to create and exhibit artistic works.

AMAAS was founded in 1988 during a media arts awareness conference in Hinton, Alberta, and formally incorporated as a non-profit society in 1991. AMAAS is recognized by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts as a provincial arts service organization (PASO).


  • Encourage, foster, develop and promote the media arts in Alberta. 
  • Represent the common objectives of non-profit Alberta media arts organizations and artists for promotional and educational purposes.
  • Support a collective vision of media arts practice, which respects the diversity of media arts activity.
  • Provide a forum for media arts communication and exchange.
  • Support the exhibition of works by Alberta media artists.
  • Represent and advocate for media art centers in Alberta with funding and regulatory agencies. 

Membership is open to any media arts-related organization or artist whose primary activities occur in Alberta and that support the aims and objectives of the Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society.  There are three categories of membership: Media Arts Organizations, Ally Organizations, and Individual. 

Individual membership – Apply Online

For independent creators in the media arts who have the status of a professional artist in Alberta and shares the aims and objectives of AMAAS. Membership is open to the public. Membership offers voting privileges and numerous services and benefits: the annual conference, communications, advocacy, workshops, and access to resources as available.

Media Arts Organizations – Apply Online

Any non-profit organization operating in Alberta which has, as its main activity, creation, production, dissemination, exhibition, distribution or research and experimentation in media arts. Media Arts Organization members must: be a not-for-profit media arts organization that is controlled by a board; carry out their primary activities in the province of Alberta; pay artist’s fees; and share the aims and objectives of AMAAS. This class of member has voting privileges.

Ally Member Organizations – Apply Online

Any organization that shares the aims and objectives of AMAAS. This class of member does not have voting privileges.  Ally members can become Media Arts Organizations members if they satisfy the membership requirements.

Benefits of membership

Promote: we promote your events, workshops, film festivals, screenings through our daily social media updates as well as networking and connecting between members. Support: as an arts service organization we do limited direct “bums in seats” programming. Prairie Tales and Gallery of Media Art are the two signature programming events to present media art in community-based settings and the public realm. An important and hard to measure functions of an arts service organization is how AMAAS acts in a mentoring capacity and sounding board for member organizations. Advocate: AMAAS members are represented at the Partners in Arts and Culture (APAC) provincially, with Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA) nationally and locally through municipal funders, government, business sector and stakeholders. AMAAS is at the meeting room table and in conversations making sure that media art is included in references to arts and culture. Educate: AMAAS members participate in a subsidized 3 day conference every two years rotating with a one day Symposium. Professional development, peer learnings, artist presentations, workshops and networking opportunities are the focus of bringing AMAAS members together.