AMAAS is part of the Alberta Partners for Arts and Culture (APAC) – a coalition of Alberta’s 8 Provincial Arts Service Organizations and 4 Cultural Industry Associations. APAC currently has 7,000 members – individuals and organizations, businesses and schools, amateurs and professionals. APAC organizations collectively represent the needs of all aspects of art and culture in Alberta, including craft, visual arts, media arts, theatre, dance, music, arts touring, writing, francophone arts and culture, as well as book and magazine publishers, film and media art production, and the sound recording industry.

APAC is:

Alberta Craft Council
Alberta Dance Alliance

Alberta Magazine Publishers Association
Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society
Alberta Media Production Industry Association
Alberta Music Industry Association
Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta
Book Publishers Association of Alberta
Regroupement artistique francophone de l’Alberta
Theatre Alberta
Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC
Writers Guild of Alberta

IMAA Rate Schedule

Recommended fee schedule for single screenings, package fees, and installation fees.

Luma Quarterly

AMAAS supports Luma – a quarterly online publication about independent film and media art published by the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers and EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society.


Prairie Tales: A History

By Dr. Kristen Hutchinson

Populated with interviews from Alberta’s media arts communities, Prairie Tales: A History tells the seventeen-year story of sharing short films and videos made by Albertan artists.

Sweet Sixteen: A History of AMAAS

By Kevin Allen

A comprehensive story recounting the origins of AMAAS in the late 1980’s and its formal history from 1991 to 2007.  Launched at the 2007 AMAAS Conference in Lethbridge, AB.

Found in Translation: Writing on Prairie Tales 7

By David Garneau

The critical reviews in this booklet were generated by a one-day workshop sponsored by Alberta Media Arts. Red Deer College for A Thousand Words Exactly: Writing About Film and Video. May 2005

APAC Arts Advocacy Final Report

By Michele Wozny

APAC Arts Advocacy Initiative arranged meetings between Alberta’s 87 MLAs, which were to take place in their home constituency offices during Home Constituency Week, Nov. 12 – 14, 2013. APAC Volunteers were to be recruited from the member ship of each of the 12 organizations that constitute the APAC Coalition. The APAC Volunteers delivered key messages about the importance of arts and culture in Alberta, carefully established within two documents (the APAC Volunteer Preparation Kit and the MLA Advocacy Handout). A secondary goal for the project was to develop rapport between Alberta’s elected representatives and the cultural sector.

AMAAS Collections Report

By Michele Wozny

The AMAAS Collections Report explores issues of media arts preservation and collecting in Alberta.  The report concludes with three sets of recommendations: the first addresses the media art community itself offering practical operational advice; the second broaches the role of the Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society, as the primary advocate on behalf of the education and promotion of common objectives within the province’s independent media art community; and thirdly, the stakeholder recommendations promote funding initiatives, partnering opportunities and specifics related to building collections of independent media artwork in Alberta.  First presented at the 2011 AMAAS Conference in Hinton, AB.


AMAAS exists to advocate, educate, and celebrate the media arts in Alberta.


The media arts in Alberta is advanced through the generation of awareness, strengthening of connections, and continuous advocacy. AMAAS builds a sustainable and vibrant future for media arts in Alberta.

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