M 22.079


A few years ago, Joel Hamilton went to Rothney Astrophysical Observatory in Calgary to view a lunar eclipse, a beautiful sight over the rocky mountains. He noted a huge sheet listing stars in the galaxy which had been discovered but not named. The filmmaker sees this film as an unidentified star operating and living in an unknown part of the galaxy. Hamilton uses techniques such as painting and scratching on film to bring his vision to life. This experimental short takes a look at machinery, a shipyard and ecosystems living in a Class M Star.

Joel Hamilton is a dedicated film buff. He is also passionate about art, science and literature. He has a background in animation, theatre, photography, critiquing films, writing and film production. As well, he’s a recipient of the 2014-2015 Chris J. Melnychuk Animation Scholarship from Quickdraw Animation Society (QAS). Joel has taken the following courses at QAS: Animation Fundamentals; Experimental Animation; Intro to Stop Motion and Advanced Animation. His entry in this year’s Prairie Tales program, M 22.079, won Best of Alberta at the 23rd annual $100 Film Fest.

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