Journey in the Land of My Own

Running time: 6:00

Employing a compelling mix of 2D and 3D animation techniques, this short concerns a young girl’s experiences in getting to know her own body while lost in a beautiful Italian countryside. When she undergoes an utterly unexpected metamorphosis, the girl reveals her real self to be different from any preconceived expectations. Marked by a stylized landscape and a soundtrack of Southern Italian folk music, this powerful work was originally written as a poem, aimed at revealing the possibility of an interactive dialogue between cultural forms and pictorial volumes. Featuring individually drawn frames upon 3D-generated backgrounds, Journey in the Land of My Own is a film of depth and richness in the visual, auditory and thematic realms.

Originally from Italy, Carlo Ghioni left his homeland for Canada in hopes of furthering his professional aspirations. He has since become a Canadian citizen. Carlo began his career as an independent live-action filmmaker, later moving into the realm of animation. Familiar with the cultures of both North America and Europe, his artistic perspective occupies the gap between them. As a new Canadian, he experiences on a daily basis the hope and disappointment shared by people caught between worlds. Ghioni grew up close to the streets and is intimately familiar with the complex and dark realities of urban living in a multiracial, multiethnic and multicultural society. Merging his technical and creative backgrounds, he has developed a compassionate interest in, and understanding of, the human condition. This informs both his work and his attitude to life.

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