Do You See Me?

Running time: 15:28

Do You See Me? is a short documentary look at human rights and homelessness on the streets of Calgary. This poignant film represents just one facet of Ramin’s artistry; he is equally comfortable working within the fields of comedy and music videos.

Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi has been working since 2005 as a professional media artist, filmmaker and the Creative Director of Nur Films, a one stop creative and production firm in Calgary. Ranging from short commercial works to feature projects, many of Ramin’s films have been broadcast and screened. They’ve garnered awards and recognition from film festivals and peer review agencies on local, national and international levels. From experimental art installations and documentary work to music videos and episodic broadcast TV shows, as well as a slew of short films, Ramin is inspired by all that is visually stunning and stories not often told. Though his interests vary, his mindset is always tainted with an indie sensibility that favours composition and style.

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