Running time: 7:00

Bleach (referring to its properties; corrosive, toxicity, cleansing, disinfectant and its possible fatality) combines the exploratory nature of camera-free animation with digital film software. Bleach is as challenging as it is beautiful.

The film was inspired by Best’s interest in exploring thoughts and the nature of mortality. This topic relates to the director’s aesthetic of working with archetypal subjects of moral dreads like death and insanity. The filmmaker’s previous disciplines or drawing and painting inform the way the work functions on both symbolic and psychological levels. The visual techniques, including using a bleach solution on found/household objects then applying said objects to 35mm procesed films, are complemented by the equally experimental sound. The sound was created by a process of sampling and manipulating found sounds, such as altering the pitch, layering and playing sounds backwards, as well as adding reverb, echo and distortion.

Born and raised in Pincher Creek, Alberta, Don Best attended the Alberta College or Art and Design and the Banff Centre of Fine Arts. He started animating and making films in 1992. Since then, he has created several award-winning short experimental and animated films that have enjoyed screenings both nationally and internationally.

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